Paris 1.3.1996


15.9.1998 Speech opening The Pursuit of Excellence - Classic Design from Finland exhibition in Athens
18.8.1998 Speech at the Round Table Discussion at Turku Sibelius Society
11.3.1998 Address at the History Teaching and Information Techonology seminar

6.3.1998 Lecture at the International Women's Day Celebration at the University of Helsinki
11.7.1997 Opening address, Committee of International Women Leaders for Mental Health Congress in Helsinki

12.6.1997 Speech at the opening the exhibition WOMEN IN CRAFT AND DESIGN at Design Forum Finland
17.5.1997 Speech at the Round Table Discussion on Women and Children Issues in Tanzania
6.5.1997 Speech at the opening of the EVA MANNERHEIM SPARRE EXHIBITION at the Porvoo Museum
18.4.1997 Speech at the Conference for Child Welfare in Helsinki

15.4.1997 Speech at the award-winning ceremony of the MAIKKI FRIBERG AWARD
18.10.1996 Speech to celebrate publication of the MUSEUM GUIDE BOOK OF THE YEAR in Turku
23.9.1996 Opening speech of the Finnish Population and Family Welfare Federation's HOMES' WEEK at Parliament House
12.5.1996 Speech at the unveiling ceremony of the 'Working Mother' statue
1.3.1996 Speech "The Myth of Education" in Paris




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