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USA:s president Bill Clinton har sänt republikens president Martti Ahtisaari följande brev:

"Dear Martti,

I want to thank you for making the Sarajevo Summit such a success. Clearly, you had not planned to assume this task so early in your European Union Presidency, but it is a tribute to your leadership and your Government's commitment to the region that the meeting was a resounding success. Your Summit Coordinator, Alpo Rusi, earned our admiration and respect for his work in Sarajevo. Furthermore, I also appreciate the excellent work done by your Foreign Ministry in drafting the Final Summit Declaration.

The Summit propelled the Stability Pact forward with the momentum needed to achieve its ambitious goals in the months ahead. I hope that you share my sense of urgency to quickly translate this success into concrete actions. My team is working hard on the specific trade and investment initiatives announced. Before the first meeting of the regional table in September, I also hope that the EU and your Government will be able to announce new, expansive, and ambitious measures. Continued progress on the Stability Pact can make a significant contribution towards a successful U.S. - EU Summit at the end of the year.

Again, thank you for arranging this critical Summit. I look forward to working closely with you as we continue our overall efforts and build a more peaceful and democratic Southeast Europe.

Bill Clinton

His Excellency
Mr. Martti Ahtisaari,
President of the Republic of Finland,

Republikens presidents kansli
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